Use Case

Online/offline marathon ticketing

Users can use their AIR to purchase tickets for various offline marathons and participate in online marathons by ticketing through AIR.

Running & Exercise Contribution

Through Air, users learn about the joy of walking and running, and they realize the joy of running by directly participating in challenges using AIR.

Royalty Creation

Users who contribute to improving governance activities or AIR projects will be rewarded with AIR.

Group Activity & Community Contribution

Users use AIR to contribute to running crew activities and communities, enjoy group activities, and interact with crews in various ways.

ESG activities with AIRian

Various events, such as marathons, branding, and eco-friendly challenges for users, will be carried out in an eco-friendly manner through AIR, and good influence will be demonstrated through these efforts.

Healthcare Data Collection & Utilization

Data from various running users are collected, and it is possible to provide easier services, such as recommending walking or running methods and courses that match the user's characteristics.

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