Reward Policy

The ECO mode works in the background, and the steps are accumulated and recorded, even if the user does not directly run the application. Since this is linked to the information on the mobile phone, there may be differences in measured values depending on the phone model.

The maximum quota and compensation method for the daily reward pool for Eco mode users may vary depending on the circumstances of the company.

Users should press the Get Reward button to get $AIR after walking.

The market price of $AIR, which is given as a reward, is flexible, and the Foundation does not guarantee the $AIR price and the number of $AIR given as a reward.

Records of rewards and walking that the user does not claim will be reset at 00:00 AM KST(UTC+9) daily.

This service may be changed or discontinued per policy updates.

(The reward distribution method for the beta version operates independently.)

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