Our Mission

We build the world's largest Web 3.0 running community and carry out the following missions through the AIRian ecosystem.

  1. The Popularization of Running: It also provides running education, communication, and community under the AIRian brand for global popularization. It also provides opportunities to share experiences, from beginner-level running to marathons.

  2. Sharing Health Data: We share health data accumulated through walking and running on AIRian's dApp with our healthcare partners. We provide high-quality healthcare services to improve users' health and can check health conditions and physical changes in real-time.

  3. AIRian Global On/Offline Running Challenge: We offer a variety of running experiences, from offline to online running and marathon challenges. We are preparing a marathon only for AIRians as our offline event, starting with hosting and operating an agency. We also plan to host a successful online marathon that cannot be seen anywhere else.

  4. AIRian's Strong Community and the Spread of IP Culture: All activity is recorded on-chain through AIRian community activities, and we expect that it will spread rapidly among global users. A global running community will be established, and participating runners will strengthen their sense of belonging and connection to the Aerian community.

  5. Continuous Incentives for Participants/Partners: We plan to continue expanding the community by providing appropriate incentives to users and partners active in the AIRian ecosystem. Runners can enjoy by sharing their courses, their knowledge about running, and setting up crew activities. Rewards for all building activities for community and participation will continue to be provided by AIRian.

  6. Eco-Friendly Activities for Air: For the sake of the environment, AIRians' activities, including running events and marathons, are carried out eco-friendly.

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