Features of AIR

Marketplace and raffle

Users can use AIR to buy AIRian and AIRian-branded clothing and commerce on the marketplace. Like AIRian characters, AIRian commerce will also be released in limited quantities.

Governance activities

Various users gather to vote about the AIR project's hosting events, progress, and feature development, and aim for governance activities for users to reflect multiple opinions on the features. Users can use as many voting rights as the tokens they own.

Online/offline marathon ticketing

Users can participate in ticketing for large-scale offline marathons through AIR tokens. You can also participate in the AIR marathon, an online marathon. If you process ticketing for the AIR marathon, you will receive benefits, such as discounts or priority for ticketing.

Challenges and crew competitions

Users can participate in or create their challenges using AIR. You risk a certain amount of AIR as collateral and receive additional AIR compensation when you achieve your goals. If the goal is not achieved, the guaranteed AIR will be spent, and the amount of compensation may vary depending on the difficulty level.

Crew activities

Users can create and manage crews with crew members using AIR. In addition to offline running crews, diverse runners worldwide can participate as online running crews. We also have the opportunity to spread the crew word through various crew promotions.

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