How to Get

Eco mode & Sport mode

Earn rewards as you walk and run with a device equipped with Runner X. The number of steps is automatically recorded even when the application is not running. You get rewards after steps in Eco mode and get rewarded by sprinting in Sport mode.

Challenge(Individual & Crew)

After registering for an announced challenge, you will receive an AIR reward for achieving the goal. The reward amount will be determined according to the difficulty level of the challenge. In crew competitions, you compete with other crews, and AIR rewards the crew with the best results.

Online marathon

If you enter the ranking in the AIR marathon, which is an online marathon, you will receive rewards with AIR as a prize along with a ranking badge. The ranking and number of rewarded participants may vary, and it will be announced when applications for the marathon are received.

Since runners participate online, users participating from all over the world start playing at the same time.


AIR will be listed on various exchanges worldwide so that various users can access and use AIR. You can buy it from the exchange and use it within the AIR ecosystem.

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