SPORTS mode tracks running activity to promote a healthy lifestyle and rewards you with $AIR.

You can activate the mode by pressing the 'Start Running' button to start running. When activated, the step measurement via Eco Mode stops.

You can press the ‘Pause’ button to save the current running record, allowing the user to run in divided sessions and manage exercise records flexibly. At the end of each session, the record is saved as follows:

From start to stop: Record for individual sessions

When finished: Daily average record

In this sense, you can check each session's distance/time/speed record and the daily average record when you finish running.

After finishing the running activity, users can earn $AIR by pressing the “Get Reward” button. This process calculates accurate rewards by calculating the user's distance and speed based on NFT stats. This approach motivates users to continue running activity by providing direct compensation for their performance.

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